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Rings is a facial and body treatment salon adjoining with a beauty salon located in a tranquil residential area in Suginami-ku, Tokyo.



With the concept of “preventive beauty and medicine,” we deliver messages of the importance in how to take care of their own mind, body, and life to our guests through our services.


We provide highly effective treatments as well as relaxation by using “ENVIRON” product lines which is a doctor’s skin care system based on medical information that brings out beauty, and “INDIBA,” a Spanish high-frequency heating device that can deeply heat, improve coldness, burn fat, and regulate the autonomic nervous system.


We are looking forward to welcoming guests from overseas with our sophisticated Japanese techniques and hospitality.



About The Owner / Therapist



holistic beauty therapist
Rika Kobori

My career started as a beautician after graduating from art college with a passionate dream to get a chance to work for Paris Collection hair and makeup, and then years later I became an esthetician in pursuit of total beauty in 1996.

My passion expanded and led me to where I am now. I have been a holistic beauty therapist for 22 years and have treated over 30,000 people.



For all those years I kept developing myself and have learned a wide range of theories and techniques from many international professionals. I have obtained many international certifications of therapist as well as tutor.


My interest has gone beyond the holistic beauty, and I finally reached a medical treatment area where I practice special techniques which can be delivered only by highly skilled certified technicians called Socio Estheticians to contribute to the people who require medical and welfare services.


Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, Aquarius, Type O 



CIDESCO International Esthetician and Aromatherapist
ITEC Massage Therapist and Reflexologist
CODES Socio Esthetician



Treatment Menu   
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(Signature Treatment)

Rings Signature Body Treatment
120min 25,850
Yen /  90min 19,250Yen / 60min13,200Yen

A combination of the use of high-frequency heat device INDIBA and Japanese Shiatsu influenced massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques will relieve deep seated stiffness and tension from a body while warming up from deep inside, and help revitalize your body and mind.







A Japanese Shiatsu influenced massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques will work together to help relieve tiredness from the body.


This treatment is recommended to indulge yourself after a long day. German Oxygenated Oil infused with Rosemary will be used in this treatment.





Facial Treatment


This is an anti-aging treatment which focuces on pigmentations, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The power of vitamins works to bring moisturized, toned, radiant, beautiful skin. This treatment particularly is recommended when you are tired, or before a party or dinner.


Vitamin Basic
60min 14,850Yen

This is a basic facial treatment that aims to improve skin condition by introducing vitamins A and C (electroporation).


 (INDIBA on décolleté and neckàfacial deep cleansingàvitamins electroporationàvitamins maskàfinish with moisturizer)




Vitamin Indulgence
90min 18,150Yen

This treatment aims for deep relaxation and a full body skin improvement by combining the introduction of vitamins A and C (electroporation) with INDIBA, the high-frequency heating device. This will also bring a lifting skin effect.


(INDIBA and massage on the backàINDIBA on décolleté and neckàfacial deep cleansingàfacial massageàvitamins electroporationàvitamins maskàfinish with moisturizer)




Facial treatment process

1.deep cleansing

This is a cleansing method that removes only impurities from skin leaving your natural moisture and oil which is especially necessary for aging skin. Highly-purified mineral oil and clay are used to absorb impurities from pores and help to remove excess sebum and gently cleanse your skin.

(Treatment procedures such as vacum suction on the nose and an ultrasonic face wash are customized to meet your skin condition.)

The treatment is then followed by the oxidized sebum removal, which cannot be removed by face wash alone, with a safe acid toner.


2.INDIBA on décolleté, neck, shoulders and face

INDIBA is applied to the neck, décolleté, shoulders, and face to improve the blood flow and lymph, relieve stiffness, and drain wastes, which are essential for anti-aging care.

It can warm up both in deep and shallow areas of the body from within, remove free radicals, and regulate the autonomic nervous system.



3.Shoulder, neck, décolleté and face massage

Highly Oxygenated Oil named O2 KRAFT and oxygenated argan oil (MIREY Excellent Oil) essential for beautiful skin are used for massage.


Oxygenated oils have the effect of regenerating the skin and activating metabolism, and work to accelerate the skin’s turnover process.


When the face muscles become stiff, it creates wrinkles and saggy skin! A gentle but deep pressure will carefully work to relieve the stiffness.


The accumulated lactic acid and waste will be removed, and the muscles will lift up as they try to return to their original position.


The muscles of other areas such as the hairline and around the ears will carefully be released.


4.Electroporation (introduction) of Serums and Vitamins by solution

Serums and vitamins A and C, which are essential for creating beautiful skin, are introduced according to your concerns.


The electroporation of vitamins effectively delivers vitamins deep into the skin, repairs cells damaged by photoaging, moisturizes and brightens the skin, and improves the skin’s turnover, which brings radiant, supple, and firm skin! Your skin will be totally revitalized!







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